We aim to safeguard and promote the safe use of internet and electronic communication technology (e.g tablets, mobile phones etc.)

The need to educate children about the benefits and risks both in and away from school is of paramount importance to us.


If you are concerned about aspects raised on a recent Channel 4 investigation into Snapchat,  please click on the link below to access a free newsletter.


January 2015 - The next phase of the Child Sexual Exploitation Know the Signs campaign has been launched. This phase aims to advise parents or carers who are buying, or have bought, gadgets such as tablets, mobile phones, games consoles, etc., for young people to set the privacy settings on the apps. Simple step by step instructions for doing this can be found on the West Yorkshire Police Website using this link:



The following website gives information about computer games, how your child can play safely and how to set restrictions: www.askaboutgames.com


Click here to see a leaflet giving advice on keeping your child safe on-line


Use this link for a free online resource for parents: www.paceuk.info/keepthemsafe



This short clip highlights the dangers of talking to strangers via social media:



If you are worried or need advice about cyber bullying or internet safety, visit:-