English is taught through school using the Success For All programme.

Children are taught phonics using the Roots element of the programme.  Once they have successfully completed this element, children move onto the Wings phase.

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We encourage our pupils to read for pleasure to feed their love of books, so our school library is open each Tuesday and Thursday break time for children to read and exchange books at their leisure. As well as this, each classroom is home to an inviting reading area/corner where children can access material suited to their age and ability. Not only this, but teachers enjoy sharing books with their class at the end of the day on a regular basis. 

Each child is in a reading group aimed at their attainment. From Kinder Roots groups in foundation to Roots and then up to Wings . Children in roots groups will take home a copy of the book they have been reading that week, to build up a library of books to enjoy in their own home.



We use the synthetics phonics approach to teaching reading and follow the Success For All phonics programme from Foundation through to the end of Key Stage 1.  Reading Roots groups may also contain pupils from Years 3 through to 6 as part of the intervention programme to address any gaps in their phonic knowledge. 


Home reading

All pupils are encouraged to read at home to parents and/or older siblings.  We principally use Oxford Reading Tree scheme books to support this process.  Pupils in Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 are also given Word Walls to support the learning of high frequency words which are not phonically regular.



As part of our Success for All programme, a range of genres are taught throughout each group. The writing tasks are linked to a book/story the children have read as a class, which gives them the relevant subject knowledge needed to produce a quality piece of work. Alongside this programme, we take part in topic writing each Tuesday. The children stay with their class teacher and write pieces based upon current topic work. Occasionally this writing is inspired by a class trip or events that have taken place in school. 


Some of our pupils are published writers and their wonderful work is displayed in our school library!


Handwriting and presentation

Our pupils are taught and encouraged to write cursively, as soon as they are ready. Children who achieve a neat and presentable style of joined writing are celebrated in our good work assembly on Fridays and are rewarded with our highly sought after 'pen licence'. This allows them to use a handwriting pen in English and topic lessons for writing. 



This is taught within the 90 minute Success for All programme daily, however it is also taught as a discreet part of our timetable. Children take home spellings to practise on a weekly basis to aid their learning in school.