School Eco Council

 Council Members:


  • Chanel Lee
  • Aaron White



  • Katy Houlden
  • Harrison Wallace



  • Amelia Johnson
  • AJ Dickinson



  • Elvis Hall
  • Scarlett Wright



  • Olivia Bryan
  • Robbie Simmons 



  •  Ruby Wagstaff
  •  Ralph Foster



  • Hanar Hamid
  • Max Whitmore






Upcoming topics or events


Our aims for this school year are to start recycling all the paper waste in school.

School Eco Council

The school Eco Council is made of children from years 1 - 6 who care about the school and the wider environment.  The children meet every week and discuss what they would like to see happen in school and also how we can make the school a more eco-friendly environment.