Special Educational Needs - Local Offer


At St Helen’s CE Primary School we strive to support all children to enable them to achieve at school.

We provide a differentiated curriculum, a stimulating environment and appropriate resources so that all children can access the curriculum. 

If a child has a Statement of Special Educational Needs or an Education, Health Care Plan, there may be additional teaching assistance so that specialised support is available. 

We will ensure that all staff know and understand the needs of all pupils.  All staff will have access to training, advice and resources to enable them to contribute to developing fully inclusive practice.

We provide a number of interventions to support children with learning difficulties, communication and interaction difficulties. physical and emotional difficulties.

In order to meet the needs of pupils with special educational needs and to support their families the Governing Body may need to involve other bodies e.g. health and social services, local authority support services and voluntary organisations.  The school has a designated SEND Governor who liaises with the SENCo at least once each term.  The SENCo writes a report termly to the Governing Body which details the involvement of other bodies if necessary and the Governing Body will liaise with other agencies if this is recommended by the SENCo or Headteacher.


What do Ofsted say about SEN at St Helen's?

"The proportion of disabled pupils and those with special educational needs vary from class to class, as does the complexity of their needs. The school quickly identifies individual needs and provides good systems of support that are carefully monitored. From their starting points, these pupils make similar levels of progress as their classmates."  OFSTED, March 2015



How does St Helen’s identify children with special educational needs?

How can concerns parents may have be raised?

What provision is made available at St Helen's CE Primary School?

What are the school's policies for making provision for pupils with special educational needs whether of not pupils have Education, Health and Care Plan?

How will I know how my child is doing?

How will you help me support my child’s learning?

How is the school’s special educational needs budget allocated?

How will we support your child when they are leaving this school?

How will equipment and facilities to support children and young people with special educational needs be secured?

What are the contact details of support services for the parents of pupils with special educational needs?


Information about the Local Authority's local offer can be found using the following link:-








Who can I contact for further information?


The Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator in school is Mrs C Saxton.

She can be contacted on 01977 617955