At St Helen's CE Primary School, we provide a differentiated curriculum, a stimulating environment and appropriate resources so that all children can access the curriculum.  If a child has a Statement of Special Educational Needs or an Education Health Care Plan, there may be additional teaching assistance so that specialised support is available.  We will ensure that all staff know and understand the needs of all pupils.  All staff will have access to training, advice and resources to enable them to contribute to developing fully inclusive practice.


However, when children need additional support, we provide a number of interventions to support children with learning difficulties, communication and interaction difficulties. physical and emotional difficulties.


Waves of Intervention

St Helen's Primary school provides a graduated response to each child dependent on the level of need.  These are often referred to as waves of intervention.


WAVE 1:   Quality first teaching through differentiation in English and Maths lessons.


WAVE 2:   Small group support for those pupils who are achieving below age expected levels.


WAVE 3:   Focused, individualised programmes for pupils working well below age expectation.