Oak -  Miss K Hall 

Elizabeth Gardiner - CB

"For the first visit in our 'Career Series' this afternoon, we had a visit from Elizabeth Gardiner CB - First Parliamentary Counsel in Westminster. She told us about how she became a lawyer and the work that she does with the government writing the law.
She showed us her Order of the Bath medal which she received for service to the Civil Service and talked to the children about some cool laws she has written about Space Travel (among many other things). The children asked lots of questions about the types of laws that she had written, the ones she was most proud of and whether she ever makes mistakes when writing the law. Elizabeth told us a funny story about a law helping policemen to catch robbers in tube stations. Unfortunately, the law omitted to specify that the officers could go up the escalators so that the police officers (by law) were only allowed to run around the platforms in circles...
I hope that some of the children were inspired by her and might wish to pursue a high-flying career such as this. For the next visitor in our series we are going to be exploring careers in the army.'

Parent Overview 2018.